Information Retrieval CI6226/CSC415

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2013 Spring


Meeting Times

Lecture: Thu LT 7, 1830 - 2130

Tutorial: Thu LT 7, 1530 - 1630 (First tutorial on 24 Jan 2013)


50% Exam 50% Project


Lecture Notes


  • Tutorial Sessions are held for undergraduate students
    • All are welcomed to attend


  • How much programming do I need to know?
    • You need to be proficient enough to pick up and use a programming language like python (which is very much like matlab for those with an engineering background). We will be using the Python NLTK (Natural Language Tool Kit) for the project. As for the minimum level of programming proficiency, you need to know how to program like a typical Master's of Information Systems graduate. If your undergraduate degree is in a Computer Science, Information Systems, or Engineering field, you should be ok. If you have taken 2 or more programming courses, you should do ok.
    • Use a crawler like nutch to download/crawl webpages
  • Are projects individual or Group?
    • Projects are currently limited to Groups of size 1 or 2. No 3-person group allowed.
  • Can I sit in for the course?
    • You are most welcomed to sit in and ask questions.
  • Can I request for the tutorial solutions?
    • SCE policy current forbids the distribution of tutorial solutions.
    • Moreover, there are no restrictions on photo/video taking during tutorial classes.