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General rules-of-thumb

  1. please register an account using your NTU email, and use discernible user names
  2. bookings made by non-NTU email accounts will be ignored.
  3. please cut you name from the list of names below and paste in a desired unoccupied slot
  4. if you swap with someone, please make sure there is mutual consent
  5. invalid edits will be reversed
  6. check out CSC279_Computer_Innovation_Design_Project#Schedule
  7. check out Historical_CID_roster
  8. instead of editing this page, you may optionally email your choice to mailto:"", however priority will be given to faculty who edit this page directly.




  • 27 Feb (mon)
    • AM = SUN, Aixin
    • PM = JONES, Kevin Anthony
  • 28 Feb (tue)
    • PM = Tang, Xueyan
  • 29 Feb (wed)
    • AM = Fan, Rui
    • PM = TAN, Kheng Leong
  • 01 Mar (thu)
    • AM = WEN, Yonggang.
    • PM = WEN, Yonggang
  • 02 Mar (fri)
    • AM = HO, Shen-Shyang
    • PM = SHEN, Zhiqi

  • 7 May (mon)
    • No classes, holiday for Vesak day
  • 8 May (tue)
    • AM = SUNDARAM, Suresh
    • PM = RAJAPASKE, Jagath
  • 9 May (wed)
    • AM = LAU, Chiew Tong
    • PM = RAJAPASKE, Jagath
  • 10 May (thu)
    • AM = LEE, Bu Sung
    • PM = HE, Bingsheng
  • 11 May (fri)
    • AM = HE, Bingsheng
    • PM = HSU, Wen Jing
  • 14 May (Mon)In-LAB ASSESSMENT
    • AM SWE = CHANG, Kuiyu
    • AM SWE = MIAO, Chunyan
    • AM DBE = DASH, Manoranjan
    • AM DBE = SUN, Chengzheng

For 14 May, you will have to physically go to the lab to do ASSESSMENT, on average 2 teams per assessor, 1 hour total time. However, if you do assessment, you will be freed up for next 1 year, allowing you to take leave during the term break and end of semesters.

Staff reporting for CID duty for 2012 Spring

  • CID duty is mandatory for non-management staff of NDS and SIS divisions. If you do not choose your duty slot, a slot will be selected for you.
  • If you have not served for 2 semesters or more and do not pick your slot, an assessment slot will be selected for you.
  • If no choices are indicated by Monday 2012.02.27 12:00 pm (noon), Kuiyu will make the selection on your behalf.

Division of SIS

Division of NDS

(*2): missed 2 semesters of CIDP/DDP


The following faculty have served more than 1 session "previously": and/or did assessment, and will not be called upon unless needed.

Division of SIS

  • ONG, Y.S.
  • ZHANG, Jie

Division of NDS