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New SCE Division Names in Chinese

This is our chance to set the record straight.

Division of NTU CCO Chinese Elegant Chinese
Networks & Distributed Systems 网络和分布式系统系 网络与分布式系统系
Software & Information Systems 软件和信息系统系 软件与信息系统系
Visual & Interactive Computing 视觉和交互计算系 视觉与互动式计算系
Hardware & Embedded Systems  ??? 硬件与嵌入式系统系

The article "和" is like "n" in English, e.g., Cream n Cheese

SCE graduates get paid the highest among all NTU graduates. See 2011 Employment Survey

2011 Gross Median Monthly Salary NTU Degree Notes
$3500 NTU BEng (Aerospace eng) Fixing airplanes
$3300 NTU NIE Arts or Science (with Education) Teacher, 20-30 hours teaching per week
$3250 NTU BEng (CE) Hardware and Software skills
$3200 NTU BEng (CS) Software skills only
$5000 NUS Bachelor Laws (LLB) (Hons) lawyer
$4000 NUS Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) doctor
$3500 NUS Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial & Systems Engineering) Optimization/Logistics
$3500 NUS Bachelor of Arts (Architecture) Designing buildings
$3400 NUS Bachelor of Computing (Information Systems) IS
$3300 NUS Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) making money
$3300 NUS Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy) (Hons) Pharmcists
$3200 NUS Bachelor of Engineering (Bioengineering) test-tubes
$3000 SMU Information Systems Management (4 year) IS